Environment and Sustainability

Protecting Tomorrow Today

When it comes to the environment and creating a sustainable future, tomorrow is counting on us to do the right thing today. That’s why we’re committed to driving change in our industry by adopting innovations and revolutionary best practices designed to protect and enrich the world around us.

Our Environmental Policy

Our environmental incident management system is designed to go above and beyond. the living world needs a living document to protect it – so our policies and systems are continually being updated to reflect and evolve with advancing technology and situations.

Sustainability at Ironcreek: Health, Safety & Environmental Policies

In particular, we pledge to:

Always exercise due diligence in every facet of environmental protection

Abide by or preferably exceed all governing environmental regulations

Deploy accurate and ongoing monitoring and measurements to ensure we are truly doing the above

Set realistic and achievable targets to continually reduce our environmental impact

Ensure all employees have all training and information necessary to safely handle and dispose of toxic and/or hazardous materials

Always practice good housekeeping

Our Sustainability Policy

We define sustainability as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. We commit to achieving this through both long-term and short-term actions, and to becoming an industry leader to forge a new path forward for everyone. Our ongoing efforts will be focused around five key areas:



We pledge to adopt technology and practices to helps us conserve water, energy, and other resources to minimize wastage and reduce the need for further extraction or generation



We pledge to review our practices to ensure materials, vehicles, and other equipment are being used in the most efficient manner, including adopting energy-efficient replacements and developing rigorous recycling protocols



We pledge to limit harmful emissions such as greenhouse gases through securing low-emission technology, switching to renewable alternatives, or engaging in emission offset activities wherever possible



We pledge to ensure our employees are made fully aware of our sustainability commitments and to encourage them to provide input in areas they believe we could be doing better



We pledge to comply with all environmental legislations, develop best practices to uphold or exceed them, to integrate environmental policy standards into decision making, and to strive for continuous improvement on all fronts

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