Unyielding, From Start to Finish

At IronCreek, safety is our top priority. No matter the project or situation, our safety standards are unyielding and firm. Why? Because to us, nothing is more important than the safety of our team and those around us. Our workers, the many other professionals and contractors we partner with, and the communities around us are counting on us to uphold these standards from the minute our rental equipment leaves our yard to the minute it comes back. And we won’t let them down.

Our Safety Policy

Our safety policy is the product of many years of experience. It is a living document that prioritizes constant training, personal and collective responsibility, and the need to exceed and surpass basic regulations and standards wherever possible. We are strong proponents of and adherents to Energy Safety Canada’s ‘Ten Life Saving Rules.’

The Right to Know

Employees will be fully informed of known or foreseeable hazards

The Obligation to Refuse Unsafe Work

Employees can refuse work they believe to be unsafe without repercussion

The Right to Participate

Employees can be involved in determining safety policy

The Duty to Report Hazards

Employees must report any dangers they encounter through approved channels

The Duty to Work Safely

Employees will be fully informed of known or foreseeable hazards

The Duty to Wear Protective Equipment

Employees must wear all PPE deemed necessary for any given duty

The Duty to Protect

Employees have an obligation to warn other employees about risks and dangers


Our commitment to safety has been recognized and certified by the following organizations

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